Saturday, April 27, 2013

Imaginary Konsult - Sensing Community

To tie all of our work together, each person in our class organized a Prezi experiment - working with images to create an electracy experience that viewers could undergo as well as observe.  Employing our archive...
  • Part I of our blog
  • The full range of our texts - but specifically those used in Part II 
  • Asking questions and engaging Tarot as the 'Oracle system'
  • Using our film references from Part I as part of our quest narrative and iconography
  • Known associations and symbols already established by the collective culture
  • Drawing on the senses to interpret Tarot and craft visual representations/tropes
  • Our own insight and interpretations in light of the community and 'The Accident' 
...the Prezi works as a public production - incorporating our personal experience and knowledge while appealing to the community in an attempt to 'work out' a system of aesthetic reasoning focused on awareness, recognition, and reconnection.  

We want people to recognize their participation in the circulation of the senses


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